Tips for Solving Crossword Puzzles

Tips for Solving Crossword Puzzles

Solving a crossword puzzle can sometimes be tough and challenging. By using the tips below we are sure you will be able to finish your first crossword puzzle.

  • Fill in the blanks first - Many crossword puzzles contain fill in the blank type of clues. In most of the cases those are the easiest to solve and will help you get some letters on board.
    Eg: In the October 11, 2021 New York Times Mini Crossword; the clue given was ___ on the cake and the correct answer is: ICING

  • Complete the small word entries first - You have a better chance at solving initially the three-to-four letter clues so start with them. By filling these clues first you may be able to solve some of the more difficult crossword clues.
  • Work in a pencil - This is self-explanatory. You should never use a pen when completing a crossword puzzle, unless you are 100% sure. In many occasions the crossword constructors might use similar clues bit different answers.

  • Check abbreviations and acronyms - In many cases if you see "Abbr" in the clue then you know the answer needs to be abbreviated. Here is an example:
    Eg: In the October 17 2021 New York Times Mini Crossword; the clue given was: 12 graders Abbr and the correct answer is: SRS

  • Check out the theme - Various crossword puzzles are around a theme. If the theme of the crossword puzzle you're playing is "Caribbean" then all the crossword clues will be around the Caribbean.

  • Check online resources - If you are stuck and are ready to quit then use the final resort. There are many online crossword solvers which usually contain a large database of crossword puzzle answers. For example if you are looking for the New York Times Mini Crossword answers then you can check the resource linked previously as it contains a large database of the daily NYT Mini Crossword along with their correct answers.